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Dr Ravza Yavushuva Veli, was born in 1956 in the Chinese province of Xin Jiang (Uyghur) the capital city of Urumchi. Her early childhood years were spent in Beijing where both her parents worked. In 1976, she gained entry to the XinJiang Medical University where she started studying medicine.

Following her graduation in 1982, she began as a specialist at XinJiang Autonomous Regional Hospital’s Radiology Section. The hospital was the largest in the region. In 1986, she became a radiology specialist and continued her research work on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). At the same time, Dr Ravza also gave yearly medical training lecture series to visiting medical research doctors at the hospital.

In 1989, Dr Veli commenced work at Shang Hai 6th Hospital where she found an opportunity for further study on Acupuncture, Tui Na, plant and Chi-Gong – all therapies that are inseparable parts of the Chinese medical treatments. In 1991, she arrived as a guest lecturer to the Aegean University, Izmir, Turkey. She gave seminars on acupuncture, and Chinese Massage (Tui Na) at the Ege University Faculty of Medicine, Physiotherapy department where she studied Turkish language for six months.

Between 1994-1997 Dr R.Veli worked as an Acupuncturist at Esrefpasa (Eshrefpasha) Hospital .  After taking up Turkish citizenship in 1997, she opened her own clinic where she worked in acupuncture,  energy healing, points massage and aromatherapy for many years.

Dr R. Veli participated in many international and professional conferences, including Acupuncture Congress in China, USA and Turkey, and the International Congress for dermatologists for Turkish speakers and the Ethno-music Therapist Congress in Istanbul.

Between 1994-95, working with a team of dermatologists at the 9 Eylul (9th September) University in Turkey, she developed a multilingual Medical Dictionary on Dermatology developing he Chinese and Uyghur language sections herself.  Dr R. Veli is fluent in Chinese (Mandarin), Tatar and Uygur, as well as Turkish and English.  Due to her enthusiastic and open-minded personality, she has visited England, USA, Germany, Austria, Australia, Russia and many other countries and observed Chinese Medicine Clinics.  She has also worked at the Yi Ren Tang Clinic in London from 1998-2002.

She has also completed aesthetician courses in Turkey, as well as FengShui and Shiatsu courses in England.  She studied Phytotherapy at Izmir Medical Chamber.  She also lectured in Aesthetician courses.  Since 2007, she has given seminars to communities in Austria, Australia, USA and Kazan of Russia.  She currently speaks at seminars and courses about ‘Health through points’ and ‘The miracle points in our bodies’. In 2009, Dr Veli published her book in Turkey with the largest newspaper Milliyet.

Dr. Veli holds a Certificate from the İnternational Education College at Shanghai University of Traditional Medicine, which is an educational institution recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Now, She is the owner and founder of the Dr. Ravza Wellbeing Center in Melbourne. Her mission is to help people to learn to strengthen their immune system to prevent getting sick. She gives regular seminars on health and healing as well as Self -Help in English, Turkish and Chinese languages. She is married and has one son and a granddaughter.

Why Dr Ravza Wellbeing Center?

Extensive Experience


Dr. Ravza Veli speaks Chinese, Turkish, Tatar, Uyghur and English.  She has aided many clients in stress relief, depression and anxiety relief, quitting smoking, losing weight, common sleeping disorders.

Dr. Ravza Veli has treated many public celebrities and their management teams including Rihanna’s management team,  Björk,  Massive Attack, Mama Mia Musical from London.

Youtube Videos

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