Acupuncture, Best way to Stops Smoking

Quitting Smoking Nicotine is probably one of the most powerful addictions known to man, as it is no less addictive than cocaine or heroin. 

Acupuncture is often the preferred alternative method to help break the habit.

It is important to note that acupuncture is not the magic cure-all ‘bullet’ for stopping smoking instantly. 

Acupuncture treats the smoking addiction in a unique and very individual way.

A typical treatment by acupuncture for smoking will include a detailed interview to determine the patient’s specific smoking habits. This will be followed by a physical exam which will include taking blood pressure and pulse measurements and observation of the tongue.

Acupuncture treatments focus on the restlessness, irritability, and cravings that one experiences when trying to break the habit. They also help to detox and relax the body.

As mentioned earlier, acupuncture treatments for smoking are unique for each patient. However, in most causes, a combination of acupuncture points on the body and ear are used. These points are said to influence the organs and the chi pathways that are connected to smoking.

Various points on the ear deal with different symptoms of smoking. Acupuncture alleviates tension, diminishes appetite and craving, as well as increasing, willpower.

An acupuncture point found on the wrist is another crucial point for helping to break the addiction.

The treatment lasts between five and thirty minutes, with the patient being treated once or twice a week. Ear press needles or silver pellets may be applied to the acupuncture points in between treatments to lessen cravings. 

A stop-smoking program consists of three to seven treatments, but most people can stop smoking in 1 – 3 sessions,Such people are more likely to quit smoking .


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